You’ve got that burning desire to make a big move, but where to go with so many choices? As far as your destination country is concerned, lean in because there are places where the average person will do just fine (Czech Republic) and locations where only the moneyed will thrive (New Zealand). There are many questions one needs to ask, but I believe the TOP 3 are:

#1 Where will I have the best QUALITY OF LIFE?

#2 Where will my BUDGET go the furthest?

#3 Where can I raise CHILDREN?

Ok, so you might not be thinking about that third question so much, but it’s a good sign when a country is highly rated in the family well-being category. For me, it indicates a happy society and a safe environment. For future parents, the cost and availability of childcare, as well as education standards, are important things to consider.


Every year InterNations surveys thousands of people for their Expat Insider report. In 2015, 14,400 expatriates responded to provide insights on 64 countries. Here are some of the most fascinating findings… each country listed in order of popularity.

TOP RELOCATION DESTINATIONS: Ecuador, Mexico, Malta, Singapore, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Thailand, Panama, Canada, Australia

TOP FOR QUALITY OF LIFE: Singapore, Ecuador, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Czech republic, Germany, South Korea

*Countries ranked according to (1) leisure, (2) personal happiness, (3) travel and transport, (4) health, (5) safety and (6) well-being.

TOP FOR EASE OF SETTLING IN: Mexico, New Zealand, Ecuador, Malta, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bahrain, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda

*Countries ranked on (1) friendliness of the local population, (2) how easy it is to make friends, how (3) easy and important it is to learn the local language.

MOST WELCOMING COUNTRIES: Myanmar, Mexico, Portugal, Ireland, Colombia, Ecuador, Oman, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil

TOP FOR WORKING ABROAD: Malta, Norway, Luxembourg, Germany, Panama, Austria, Ecuador, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden

*Countries included and ranked in the areas of (1) job and career, (2) work-life balance and (3) job security.

MOST SATISFIED WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Sweden, Norway, Malta, Ecuador, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Denmark, Argentina, Thailand, Australia

TOP FOR PERSONAL FINANCE & COST OF LIVING: Ecuador, Luxembourg, Mexico, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Nigeria

*Countries ranked on (1) expats satisfaction with personal finan ces and (2) if they feel their disposable income is enough for daily life.

TOP FOR FAMILY LIFE: Austria, Finland, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, France, Australia, Luxembourg

*Countries ranked according to (1) availability of childcare and education, (2) quality of education, (3) family well-being, (4) childcare and education options, and (5) leisure activities for kids.

So there you have it! We will see where things are at at the end of 2016.