Ross’ Move | NYC to Tel Aviv | International Relocation

Being born and raised on the US East Coast, I’ve spent the majority of my life in the same place (a radius of about three-hours drive) – whether it be my childhood, college education, or first dive into “careerism” in NYC. Since my personality developed to specifically embody constant energy, moving about and exploration with no boundaries or limits therein, a special wave of anxiety and stagnancy during the brutal and sunless Northeastern winter was what first sparked my interest in moving abroad. As a coincidence, my career and profession of choice turned out to be travel PR and, from the moment I was 22 up until 28, I worked for the same company as a publicist and account exec for luxury hotels and destinations, specifically culturally-rich Israel. When I discovered that the Israel Ministry of Tourism had no representatives with my specific media training living in the country; no one to greet and work with journalists upon their arrival, I saw a golden opportunity to implement my skill set in a new role oversees. A blessing. I saw this self-realized opportunity and was set on relocating oversees for a one-year period. To ensure I would exit NYC for a period of time, I applied and was accepted to Tel Aviv University’s MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. I used this acceptance as a final ultimatum to myself to follow my dream and move abroad for a taste of a different life, at least for a period of time. Four years later, a master’s degree under my belt, and more than three years working with North and South American journalists arriving in Tel Aviv, I am currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Xhibition creative agency. In Oct 2014 we started with two people (myself and a partner), and two clients. Today, we are a staff of 11 and have 19 full-time clients.

ross belfer - international relocation

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