Planning on moving? The only guidebook you need is now available! How To Make Big Moves is a refreshingly modern resource for the mindful mover. As an editor, yoga teacher and three-time relocator, I guide you through how to deal with people, pets, paperwork and all the important moving parts of relocation. Using expat contributions from all … Continue Reading

Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Who Is This Guidebook For? The content of this guide is made up of focused intelligence for the soon-to-be expatriate. For all intents and purposes, an ‘expat’ is defined as someone living outside of their native country for at least six months of a 12-month period. We’re talking about lifestyle migrants looking for a fresh … Continue Reading

Tips on Mindful Moving

Charlene’s Move | A Reflection on Relocation At the beginning of my moving process, it was just about geography. It was all happening on the physical level – requiring the movement and organization of stuff both big (visas to ID cards to bank accounts) and small (closets to cutlery). However, by the end – once … Continue Reading