OK, so I know your first question is: Who are you? And the next is: What authority do you have to write about the hugely complex topics that revolve around relocation?

Lean in and I’ll try to get through this bit quickly…

Sara Graham here. I currently live in Torino, Italy with my husband, Mario, and two cats named Tigerlily and Dragon. At the moment, I split time between my communications business (mostly email marketing), teaching yoga, and writing on a range of topics – travel, lifestyle, business and fashion – for (mostly) The Huffington Post and others. I also curate content for FreshPresse.com (formerly The Travel Presse). Before all that I was editor-in-chief of two teen magazines. And before that I was in fashion marketing and, for a three-year stretch, had my own lingerie collection. Admittedly I have been a little all over the place career-wise, but underneath it all I am a planner. Organized to a fault and, where relocation is concerned, this is actually an asset. I am also diagnosed OCD so I apologize now if I have gone a little “extra” on some things, but I am hoping my all-angles attitude will take you places.

That’s the short story. If you want a more formal bio then here you go…

Sara Graham was born and lived in Bermuda until the age of 18.  In 1994 she relocated to Toronto, Canada to attend Ryerson University.  Post graduation, she decided the big city was the place to be and made the most of it until 2013.  At that point, her partner’s job opened up an opportunity to move to the Czech Republic, and then (16 months later) Sweden.
An experienced entrepreneur, she has, over the last 15 years, focused on building brands through creative communications.  From luxury loungewear and travel, to print and online properties, Sara has brought a discerning eye to each and every project.  Her successful term (2006-09) as editor-in-chief at Youth Culture Group saw Vervegirl magazine substantially increase in readership.  In 2011, Sara launched TheTravelPresse.com to document experiences in the many countries she had visited… More than 30 to date!  Her travel features have appeared in Flight Centre’s magazine, ELLE Canada, and on Notable.ca and LaineyGossip.com.
A fast-paced lifestyle drew her to restorative yoga as a way to find inner peace and grounding.  In 2013, Sara earned her teacher certificate and she has since taught chakra restorative yoga in Canada, New Zealand and Sweden.

Good? Well, carry on and enjoy the guidebook, workbook, videos and social media extras that are all part of this #BIGMOVES project. For anything else (interviews, speaking engagements, yoga workshops, partnerships) please head on over to the contact page and connect.



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