Anne-Marie & Shaka’s Move | Pet Relocation | Singapore to Bangkok

From a lady who has moved several times, and really should have known better, this story illustrates that sometimes you just have to learn the hard way. I recently moved from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand. This meant moving my boyfriend, our stuff, the cat, and myself. Somewhere along the line during the move prep, it slipped my mind that I needed to keep all the cat vaccination and customs paperwork separate so that his transport between countries would be trouble-free. Conveniently, I only remembered this particular point three hours after all of our boxes had been packed up. After phoning the movers in a complete state of panic, the best answer I could get was, “It could be in one of the boxes from the kitchen” and, “Madame are you sure you want us to unpack all your kitchen boxes, there are at least ten, this will incur extra charges and you will be delaying your shipment.” My stunned silence prompted, “I assume that’s a ‘no’ then?”
Fortunately, I had a couple of weeks of breathing space, so after frantic phone calls to the vets, the pet relocation company, and fits of worry , I managed to pull together some semblance of official looking paperwork to get the cat through customs.
On the day of the move, new paperwork on hand, I arrived at the airport check-in counter, cat in carrier, ready to board our flight. One of the ground staff, who I would suggest was at least 100 years old, looked at my paperwork, shook her head, made comments to her colleague under her breath and then proceeded to tell me, “Do you realize you’re missing one of your customs forms, so when your cat arrives in Thailand it may be likely he ends up in quarantine for an indefinite period?” And to top it all, “I’m not sure if we can permit him to travel.” To cut a long story short, after more panicked phone calls to the pet relocation agency eventually we were allowed to board the flight. Holding my breath, we arrived at Bangkok airport and literally sailed through immigration with no issues. Thank goodness! However, with just a bit of advanced planning and smart packing, I could have saved myself stress, time, and few grey hairs.

Anne-Marie Bodal - Pet Relocation

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