Editor, yoga teacher and three-time relocator, Sara Graham, guides you through how to deal with people, pets, paperwork and all the important moving parts of relocation. Using expat contributions from all over the globe, and by providing her own real-life-learning tips, as well as favourite online resources, she fills the information gaps for those looking to move to another city or country. How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind is a refreshingly modern resource for the mindful mover.

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Throughout the guidebook, you will get key learnings (and work-arounds) from Sara’s own experience moving from Toronto, Canada to Prague, Czech Republic, and then (16 months later) Uppsala, Sweden.

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about the guidebook - how to make big moves

The guidebook covers the following topics…
RELOCATION 101 | Why & Where (Global Overview); Common Misconceptions & Culture Shock; Working Abroad (Visas & Permits); Residency vs. Citizenship; Finances & Taxes; Healthcare & Insurance; Home Hunting; Learning Languages

PERSONAL WELL-BEING | Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Chakra System; Relationships

MAKING THE BIG MOVE | Selling Stuff, Packing, Shipping, Pets, Social Networking (On- and Offline), Tech Support, Personal Security, Social Media, Arrival Preparation. PLUS loads of Resources, Apps and Low Waste Lifestyle Tips!

CONTRIBUTORS | Get the global scoop from these big movers…

Anne-Marie Bodal Footwear Design Director, UK to South Africa to Singapore to Thailand

Anne Samulevicius Mother & Blogger at nexttimenotes.com, UK to Corsica

Ashleigh Dempster Co-founder, AKID BRAND, Toronto to LA

Charlene Lo Public Relations Guru & Yoga Teacher, Toronto to Hong Kong

Bryan Tomiak Sales Manager, GeoBlue, USA

Charmaine Bolton Sound Designer, UK to Czech Republic

Christie Berlin Accountant, Sweden

Franco Freda Composer & Sound Designer, Argentina to Sweden

Georgia Hopkins Founder, itsbeautifulhere.com, Australia to USA

Mark-Andre Shemwell Former Contractor for US Military, USA to Afghanistan

Mickey Rapkin Writer & Author of Pitch Perfect, NYC to LA

Mirko Marino Sales Manager, AGS Movers, Prague

Paul Andersen Accountant, Canada

Rachel Brathen Yoga Teacher, Best-Selling Author & Founder, oneOeight.tv, Sweden to Aruba

Rachel Velebny Expat Lifestyle Blogger at elsewearing.com, USA to Czech Republic

Ross Belfer   Photographer, Co-Founder and CEO of Xhibition, USA to Israel

Ted Graham Owner, Queenstown Ice Arena, Bermuda to New Zealand

contributors - about the guidebook

By purchasing the guidebook, you are donating $1 to People in Need. This Prague-based organization is one of the largest NGOs in Central Europe dedicated to humanitarian aid, development and social integration programs in the region and beyond. They are currently doing important work in high conflict zones such as Syria and Afghanistan.