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By purchasing the guidebook, you are donating $1 to People in Need. This Prague-based organization is one of the largest NGOs in Central Europe dedicated to humanitarian aid, development and social integration programs in the region and beyond. They are currently doing important work in high conflict zones such as Syria and Afghanistan.

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“I WAS VERY IMPRESSED. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much! The subject could have been quite dry, but the experiences you added and the way you write made it very easy to read. I finished it in one sitting.” . . .EXTREMELY READABLE, this book is a treasure trove of useful tips for anyone moving country, or indeed just moving home. Writing from experience, Sara details every pitfall possible and how to avoid them. The inclusion of delightful photos personalizes the book. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone moving (or dreaming of moving) that they read this handbook. Absolutely excellent.. . .A MUST-READ for anyone contemplating a major relocation. It’s packed with tips and tricks and lessons learned the hard way. Why not make your big move so much easier, for you, your loved ones, and even your pets? Enjoy.”

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