You’ve got that burning desire to make a big move, but where to go with so many choices? As far as your destination country is concerned, lean in because there are places where the average person will do just fine (Czech Republic) and locations where only the moneyed will thrive (New Zealand). There are many questions one needs … Continue Reading

Multitasking vs. Uni-Tasking

No doubt most of us are skilled at multitasking. The 21st century demands a lot from us and we have evolved into moving from A to B to Z at lightening speed. But when it comes to relocation, it’s worth slowing down to process all that is going on. Here are a few words of sage advice … Continue Reading


From Chapter 14 | Packing/Unpacking | How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind ABOUT PACKING I think I would rather …well, there are a thousand things I would rather do than pack. I feel your pain. I will start by saying that if you put a lot of effort into selling/donating your stuff, … Continue Reading