Franco’s Move |  Buenos Aires to Stockholm | International Relocation

When I relocated to Sweden, I had already been living in three completely different places in the world including my home country Argentina, Australia and the UK. Each of these places have very unique vibes, and people’s behaviours were one of the clearest indicators of how cultural differences modify the way we perceive and interact with the world. Being a Nordic country, I expected people to be cold, somehow distant to outsiders, but was surprised by the opposite. The Swedish people enjoy some rituals, which are very important to get to know each other, like “fika”, a sort of coffee break that can happen almost any time of the day.
One of the hardest things to get used to was the weather of course (especially coming from a country where temperatures rarely ever go under 10-5°c), but it also makes you appreciate much more going out in the sun when it’s nice, or staying home watching a movie when it’s cold and dark. Long gone are the bustling car honks or the people talking loudly, two very common scenes in a city like Buenos Aires, where I was raised. Instead, the urban landscape is quieter and more polite, like if it where shaking hands with you for the first time. Still, as the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessôa once wrote; “There comes a time when it is necessary to leave behind the clothes that hold the shape of our body and forget the paths that takes us always to the same places. It is time for the journey. And, if we do not dare start it, we will have stayed for ever on the fringes of our own selves.”

franco freda - international relocation argentina to sweden

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