You’ve got that burning desire to make a big move, but where to go with so many choices? As far as your destination country is concerned, lean in because there are places where the average person will do just fine (Czech Republic) and locations where only the moneyed will thrive (New Zealand). There are many questions one needs … Continue Reading

Multitasking vs. Uni-Tasking

No doubt most of us are skilled at multitasking. The 21st century demands a lot from us and we have evolved into moving from A to B to Z at lightening speed. But when it comes to relocation, it’s worth slowing down to process all that is going on. Here are a few words of sage advice … Continue Reading


From Chapter 14 | Packing/Unpacking | How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind ABOUT PACKING I think I would rather …well, there are a thousand things I would rather do than pack. I feel your pain. I will start by saying that if you put a lot of effort into selling/donating your stuff, … Continue Reading


Planning on moving? The only guidebook you need is now available! How To Make Big Moves is a refreshingly modern resource for the mindful mover. As an editor, yoga teacher and three-time relocator, I guide you through how to deal with people, pets, paperwork and all the important moving parts of relocation. Using expat contributions from all … Continue Reading

WATCH | Relocation Videos

I’ve filmed a series of relocation videos that cover everything from packing to pets to yoga poses… Just press play! THE LATEST UPLOAD | 7 TIPS FOR STAYING HEALTHY ON-THE-GO 5 YOGA MOVES FOR BIG MOVES MORNING ROUTINE   FROM CANADA TO THE CZECH REPUBLIC TO SWEDEN  INTRODUCTION & SELLING STUFF  PACKING  MORE PACKING/UNPACKING TIPS … Continue Reading


So if you’re here you’re likely on the move… Exciting times! I’m Sara Graham – editor, expat, yoga teacher and author of How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind. This project started at the beginning of the year with a Kickstarter campaign that was, thankfully, successful and my first guidebook has just been … Continue Reading

Singapore to Bangkok | Pet Relocation

Anne-Marie & Shaka’s Move | Pet Relocation | Singapore to Bangkok From a lady who has moved several times, and really should have known better, this story illustrates that sometimes you just have to learn the hard way. I recently moved from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand. This meant moving my boyfriend, our stuff, the cat, … Continue Reading

Idaho to Prague | International Relocation

Rachel’s Move | Idaho to Prague | International Relocation After I graduated from the University of Idaho, my plan was to teach English in Prague for a year then come home and get a ‘real’ job. After two years in the Czech Republic, I started to feel like I was building a home. I had friends, a job, … Continue Reading

NYC to Tel Aviv | International Relocation

Ross’ Move | NYC to Tel Aviv | International Relocation Being born and raised on the US East Coast, I’ve spent the majority of my life in the same place (a radius of about three-hours drive) – whether it be my childhood, college education, or first dive into “careerism” in NYC. Since my personality developed to specifically embody constant energy, … Continue Reading

Buenos Aires to Stockholm | International Relocation

Franco’s Move |  Buenos Aires to Stockholm | International Relocation When I relocated to Sweden, I had already been living in three completely different places in the world including my home country Argentina, Australia and the UK. Each of these places have very unique vibes, and people’s behaviours were one of the clearest indicators of how cultural … Continue Reading